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What’s the main difference between a barbell pad and Hipsarmour?

The main difference between a barbell pad and Hipsarmour is the material. Instead of cheap foam with poor durability and pressure absorption capabilities, Hipsarmour is made of PU (Polyurethane). PU is the highest level of durability, abrasion resistance, and absorbing pressure capabilities. To ensure extreme durability, Hipsarmour combines two different densities. An inner part of greater density where the bar is in contact with, and an outer part of the pad with a lower density so that it adapts to the body and provides enhanced comfort.

What’s the difference between Hipsarmour PRO (Turquoise) and Hipsarmour LITE (Grey)?

Hipsarmour PRO has a greater PU density compared to the Hipsarmour LITE, which means it is ideal for working with larger weight loads to create an optimal stability minimizing rotation. We recommended the Hipsarmour PRO for intermediate and advanced lifters with good technique and significant hip thrust training weight. We recommend the Hipsarmour LITE for beginners to advanced individuals, which better adapts and forms to your body even with light to moderate weight.

How does Hipsarmour help optimize hip thrust technique?

When hip thrusting, the goal is to lift the barbell vertically without generating any rotation in the barbell. Rotation can be caused by excessive motion of the pelvis, pushing the barbell away from the pelvis towards the thighs (very common) or not lifting the barbell vertically but diagonally forwards or backwards. All of the above make the hip thrust less effective and efficient. Hipsarmour might slightly rotate while you perform the movement with incorrect form, giving you instant feedback of how well you are executing the exercise. When there is no rotation involved, you can feel your glutes working harder, making the exercise more effective.

What is the warranty and return policy?

Every purchase comes with a 45 day warranty. Nevertheless, due to the properties of the material, Hipsarmour pads can handle hundreds of usages with no signs of wear and tear. We take pride in providing high quality products and want to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase! If there is an issue with your purchase please contact us directly at so that we can make sure to resolve it for you right away!



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